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MTV's The Real World's 10 Biggest Scandals

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The Real World (TV series)

Once nicknamed the 'Elimination Queen,' this feisty and flirtatious competitor is no stranger to playing a little dirty in competition, and there has never been a challenge that Aneesa hasn't met head on with heart and determination.

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  • She definitely had a light to her.

  • All Stars Season 1 is still available on Paramount+.

Like in Inferno3 in trampoline challenge she needed to sit out because of a really bad knee, and after that Kenny said in confessional it was a good thing because she is so fat she would take alone most of the space on the platforms.

  • By July 1995, the series surpassed Beavis and Butt-head as the network's top-rated show during the fourth season,.

  • Rachel Campos-Duffy born October 22, 1971 is an American television personality.

  • Her housemates, Trisha Cummings, KellyAnne Judd and Dunbar Merrin, all flirted, dated or had sex with people other than their significant others back home.