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McGinley now has a history of joining shows late in their run, and then staying for a few more years until they're canceled.

  • While Arnold mostly stood on the side to deliver wisecracks and talk about how he never cleaned the bathrooms, he did have an episode to shine, in which he got married and had Potsie sing at his wedding.

  • Fortunately, Winkler did not end up getting stereotyped in his future roles.

  • She was very well-received by the viewers though.

Later on, she told People magazine that she did not have much in common with the cast.

  • Quatro hadn't done any acting before, and gratefully took advice from Ron Howard and Henry Winkler, who were already pros.

  • Kate was miserable for the rest of the run of the show.

  • The success of the show was pretty surprising considering the first season was not a huge hit.