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Jodie Comer on 'Free Guy' and Taking Risks

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Jodie Comer reveals biggest challenge of darkest Last Duel scene

Trying to untangle the confusing web of rumor and unsubstantiated allegations leveled at her made for some unedifying online reading.

  • It's more than an honour to play the Doctor.

  • This translated to looking fully made up while shooting selfies from every possible angle.

  • We literally talk through it — exactly the target of what we're gonna do, there's no one there listening, and that is such a very private discussion.


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  • Although the drama series lacked risqué moments such as these, the content was harrowing, with season one dealing with the murder of Jodie's on-screen teenage son Danny - a plot that involved adultery and shades of pedophilia.

  • She is an actor of great emotional range and inhabits every role with complete passion and conviction.