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Maybe that could be why Jehane looked angry the first time we saw her face; she expected to be part of the ceremony and got preempted by our Jeannie.

  • Then they look at each other with a puzzled look on there faces of what happened.

  • Grutman also showed Barnes' a copy of a 1982 issue of High Society magazine including photos of the actress, wearing only panties.

  • She still maintains a number of sponsors including her latest venture, a deal with Six Star, a fitness company.

So now he has a dual nature of being a Genie and a familiar too.

  • It's probably one of the most memorable ones ever, though.

  • Before , , , and literally every other celebrity in 2017 were freeing their nipples, the women of Old Hollywood had it covered.

  • Radio Stars Dorothy Lee Despite Her Objections - Radio will star Dorothy Lee despite her objections.